Focused Entailment Graphs for Open IE Propositions

Focused Entailment Graphs for Open IE Propositions.
Omer Levy, Ido Dagan, and Jacob Goldberger. CoNLL 2014. [pdf] [slides]

Open IE methods extract structured propositions from text. However, these propositions are neither consolidated nor generalized, and querying them may lead to insufficient or redundant information. This work suggests an approach to organize open IE propositions using entailment graphs. The entailment relation unifies equivalent propositions and induces a specific-to-general structure.


  • 68 million unique propositions, extracted from Google’s syntactic ngrams:
    [3grams] [4grams] [5grams]
  • 30 entailment graphs in the healthcare domain, consisting of 1.5 million entailment decisions:
  • Context-sensitive lexical entailments, induced from the original 30 entailment graphs:
    [predicates] [arguments]







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